1922 Gillette New Improved Razor

Deborah Thompson a Favorite Anitique Find
(An Old Razor Turns out to be a Treasured Antque)

1922 Gillette New Improved Razor

1922 Gillette New Improved Razor

A 1922 Gillette New Improved Razor. WOW! "There's a pretty nice Gillette in this case over here," I called to my husband, Aaron. He made his way over and his mouth dropped open.

Seeing the old Gillette razor, all he could muster was, "Wow!" Then he looked at me with disbelief and said, "Do you know what this is?"

I laughed. Any info more than what I could read on the label was beyond me. That was his area of expertise; not mine.

Turns out, it was what he considered to be his "holy grail" of all razors. The one he had hoped to find one day, but never thought he would.

It was a 1922 Gillette New Improved Razor, including a blade box and a partial instruction booklet in a wonderful velvet lined box. He was so excited about finding it that he didn't even try to dicker on the price. He said $18 for that nice of a set was already great anyway.

We walked out with his newfound treasure in a tiny brown paper bag. It was so sweet how such a seemingly small thing could bring him that much joy.

There's nothing as fun as spending the day visiting shops on the old town square. The nostalgic buildings, history waiting to be learned, the old street lamps and tiny shops and cafes. There are still many small towns across the US that have restored their old downtown areas so new shop owners can use them. We look for these town squares often, because they normally have at least one antique or second hand store.

One year we decided to take a long weekend trip up to Oklahoma City. On the way we made a quick detour in a small town called Purcell. We had seen a billboard advertising an antique store. And wouldn't you know it? It was right on the old town square!

We drove around the square and found the

antique store. It was a tall three-story Victorian brick building with white shutters, doors, and wonderful patios on the first and second floor.

When we walked in we realized that it was an old hotel. The owners had completely restored the bottom floor including the check in desk that was now the check out desk. LOL!

The hotel was named Hotel Love after the man who had it built in 1889, when Oklahoma was still an Indian Territory. A room rented for just $2 a night and they even had a nice smoking parlor for the gents. The owners turned the hotel into an antique store, but left all of the original walls and rooms where they were.

We slowly walked through each room upstairs and found some wonderful antiques and really cool items that stumped us on their use. But that didn't stop us from speculating. Not to mention, we were just marveling over how each room was laid out, the transom windows above the doors and the fact that the majority of rooms had no bathrooms. It was really like being on an old west movie set.

We finally made it back downstairs and I spotted a clear turnstile display. Inside there was a shiny razor in its original box. I couldn't believe how great the condition. That is when I called to Aaron to come look.

Hotel Love will forever be his "most favorite" antique store.

So, as you travel through life, take a few detours just for fun. You never know what amazing treasures lay just around the corner. You may find something that means as much to you as this antique 1922 Gillette New Improved Razor means to my husband.

He had brought another razor and blades with him to use that weekend, but it was set aside for his first run with his new prize. He still uses this antique razor and gets a sheepish grin on his face every time.

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