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March 31, 2009


What Will Bob Find Next?

Bob's going through boxes and adding more stuff to the shelves every day. Who knows what he'll unpack next! Stop in often to see what he finds – and to grab these bargains before someone else gets them first.


Newly Added Used Merchandise

~ Bread Machine, Four Slice Toaster, Blender
~ Electric Blower
~ Floor Jack, Bottle Jack, Jack Stand


Easter, Easter, Easter

Use Watkins liquid food coloring to color your Easter eggs.

We have a lot of items in stock that would be good to add to Easter baskets.


What Can You Get for $1.00?

At AK Secondhand, you can get gloves! We have an assortment of gloves priced at only $1.00 a pair. Work gloves. Liners. Men's fuzzy yellow gloves. Brown jersey gloves. White cotton gloves to wear over moisturizer at night to soften your hands while you sleep. Stretch gloves in a variety of colors. And, even some military surplus mittens. While supply lasts.


Exclusively For Our Newsletter Readers

Free Jar of Watkins Dip and Seasoning Mix

Just for those of you reading this newsletter who come in and ask for it, get a free jar of Watkins Dip and Seasoning Mix. Your choice of flavors, from any that we have in stock. Add sour cream or mayonnaise to the dip mix for an easy to make, tasty dip to use on raw vegetables, crackers, or with chips. They also make good salad dressings. Lots of ways to use them: Use the Basil and Tomato to season meatloaf. Add the Mandarin Orange to cream cheese for a bagel topping. Turn mashed potatoes into a gourmet taste treat by adding a spoonful of the Roasted Garlic mix. No coupon to clip. Just let me know you read about it in this newsletter. Special offer good through the end of March 2009.


The coffee's usually on (and sometimes, there are cookies). Stop in and have a cup, chat a bit, and see what we have new today.

Coleen and Bob at AK Secondhand
Located at Mile 102 Sterling Hwy.
Phone: 907-260-6623
Email: Coleen@aksecondhand.com
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