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AK Secondhand News, Issue #009, September 21, 2009


Getting All Spiffed Up

Notice how the outside of the store is looking brighter these days? Bud Meeks gave it a spraying of protective stain. Bud is part of Tuff Construction. (Thanks, Bud!)

Bob's making great progress in his cleaning and organizing around the yard. I sure appreciate all that he's done.

We'll be having more sales as I work on spiffing up the inside. I'm starting on the jeans aisle this week. Both men's and women's jeans are now on sale for $3.00 a pair.


Newly Added or Restocked Used Merchandise

~ Insulated coveralls: Carhartt, RefrigiWear, and down filled
~ Super large aluminum kettles
~ Aluminum wash pans
~ Sheets: king size and twins


Easy Snack Suggestion

Add Watkins Mandarin Orange Dip and Seasoning Mix to sour cream. Use as a dip with pretzels and bite size pieces of fruit.

And, wouldn't you know it? We just happen to have the dip mix on hand in the store.


Exclusively For Our Newsletter Readers

Just for those of you reading this newsletter, free bottle of Watkins spices. No coupon to clip. Just ask for it -- let me know you read about it in this newsletter. Special offer good through the end of the month September 2009.


The coffee's usually on (and sometimes, there are cookies). Stop in and have a cup, chat a bit, and see what we have new -- and used -- today.

Coleen and Bob at AK Secondhand
Located at Mile 102 Sterling Hwy.
Phone: 907-260-6623
Email: Coleen@aksecondhand.com


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AK Secondhand, your Alaska second hand store (thrift shop) and Watkins dealer located at Mile 102 on the Sterling Hwy., Soldotna, Alaska. New and used tools, hardware, shop and household items, cookbooks, sweaters and sweatshirts, furniture, and more.

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