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AK Secondhand News, Issue #010, November 10, 2009


Register for the Free Turkey

It's time for our annual Thanksgiving Turkey give-a-way. Be sure to stop in and register. The drawing is Saturday, November 21, at about 1:00. You do not need to be present to win. You just need to make sure you get your name in the tin.

Ah, yes, this is a frozen turkey. Most likely straight from Fred Meyer's freezer.


Newly Added or Restocked Used Merchandise

~ Christmas lights. Assorted styles. Put some up now and leave them all winter to add a bit of light and cheer to our long winter days. These are never used, still in the box lights. Only $1.69 a box.

~ Boots. Bunny boots. Assorted women's and kid's snow packs and general winter boots. Felt boot liners.

~ Gloves and mittens. Military mitts. Welding gloves. Stretch knit gloves. Work gloves. White cotton glove liners. We even have a mitt with a built in ice scraper.

~ Steins and mugs. Budweiser and Miller collector steins. Chilkoot Charlie's mug. Pizza Pete's mugs from when Pizza Pete's was in Soldotna. Fire King mugs. Pewter children's alphabet mug. And, ordinary cheap coffee mugs starting at 39 cents.


Free Travel Size Menthol Camphor Ointment

Buy a regular, large size tin of Watkins Petro Carbo Salve or Menthol Camphor Ointment. We'll give you a free travel size Menthol Camphor. The travel size is handy for purse or pocket and usually sells for $4.99.


Make Your Christmas Shopping -- and Mailing -- Easy

Watkins will ship your holiday gifts for you. Look through the catalog and see what you'd like to send. We can place your order for you, having Watkins mail it to whomever you'd like, anywhere in the US or Canada.

Watkins also has gift certificates. We have some on hand if you'd like to pick them up to give locally or if you'd like to mail them yourself. And, we can order them from Watkins in amounts from $10 and up.


Exclusively For Our Newsletter Readers

Free Meat Magic

Just for those of you reading this newsletter, a free bottle of Watkins Meat Magic. No coupon to clip. Just ask for it -- let me know you read about it in this newsletter. Special offer good through the end of the month, November 2009.

Meat Magic brings out natural meat flavors and promotes tenderness. Add it to roasts, stews, meat gravies, soups, meatloaf, hamburgers, and brush it on steaks. I'm told it is a necessity in making the best jerky.


The coffee's usually on (and sometimes, there are cookies). Stop in and have a cup, chat a bit, and see what we have new -- and used -- today.

Coleen and Bob at AK Secondhand
Located at Mile 102 Sterling Hwy.
Phone: 907-260-6623
Email: Coleen@aksecondhand.com


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AK Secondhand, your Alaska second hand store (thrift shop) and Watkins dealer located at Mile 102 on the Sterling Hwy., Soldotna, Alaska. New and used tools, hardware, shop and household items, cookbooks, sweaters and sweatshirts, furniture, and more.

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