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Question: Have you always lived in Alaska? How long have you lived in Alaska? You sure have a beautiful state. Do you stay here in the winter? Doesn't it get awfully cold? Are you open year round? Does it really stay dark all winter? Everything costs so much more in Alaska than it does at home.

Answer: We are Alaskans. We aren't Alaska Natives. We aren't native Alaskans, either. Like so many others who live here, we are transplants from other states. We're originally from the mid-west.

We first came to Alaska in 2001. We traveled and did the typical tourist things. We later decided to stay and make this our home.

Yes, we agree that it is a beautiful state. Winters are cold, but even more beautiful than the summers.

We're normally here most of the winter. The store is open year round when we are here. It is not a seasonal business. We have loyal local customers who support us throughout the year.

Here on the Kenai Peninsula, we have several hours of daylight even in the winter. Further north, they do have 24 hours of darkness.

Shipping costs raise our prices. When we order things from catalogs, the shipping cost is sometimes more than the merchandise we order. We'd carry more army navy military surplus items at AK Secondhand store if the cost to ship them up here wasn't such a killer.

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