YOUR Best Secondhand Deals
Show Off Your Favorite Thrifty Finds and Bargains

What are your best secondhand deals? What favorite treasures did you unearth at a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market? Did you stumble upon a hidden treasure? Show off your thrifting finds!

Show and Tell!

Did you uncover an antique or collectible for pennies? Score an incredible piece of Americana for a ridiculously cheap price? Maybe you found the perfect secondhand wedding dress. Or, a grungy dresser that was heirloom quality furniture that needed refurnishing. Or, maybe it was something as simple as saving a few dollars on some kitchen bargains. Here's your chance to "show and tell," and to brag about your best deals!

What Are YOUR Best Secondhand Deals?

Show off your best thrifting finds!

More Great Secondhand Deals

Click below to see some of the best bargains and treasures other thrifters found.

1922 Gillette New Improved Razor 
A 1922 Gillette New Improved Razor. WOW! "There's a pretty nice Gillette in this case over here," I called to my husband, Aaron. He made his way over and …

Used Mountain Bikes  
We scored used mountain bikes from the Pecan Park Flea Market. Not one, but two! I found a few other things the first time I went there, but the mountain …

Turquoise Ring and Bracelet 
A turquoise ring and bracelet set -- exactly what my husband had been searching for. Aaron had been looking for just the right piece of turquoise jewelry …

Table from Salvation Army 
One of my best second hand deals was a dining room table. I finally found it at a Salvation Army Thrift Store. It was perfect for our needs and the dark …

Penn Formula 15KG Fishing Reel 
A Penn Formula 15KG fishing reel, with line on it, is my best find. I found this nearly new, two-speed, deep water reel with a full spool of 130# test …

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