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Question: What kind of coffee do you serve in the store? It always smells and tastes so good! What do you put in the coffee? I bet my husband would just love this coffee -- can we have your recipe? With all the espresso stands and places in Alaska to get a caffeine fix, who'd have thought we'd get the best coffee in the state here, and for free?

Answer: Thanks. It's Bob's special not-so-secret recipe.

The coffee itself is whatever is on sale or the cheapest we can find. Most of the time, that's Fred Meyer brand.

It is what he adds to the coffee that makes it special. He usually uses both Watkins Purest Ground Cinnamon and Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla.

When you are making the coffee, sprinkle the dry grounds with about a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. We don't measure. Just sprinkle it on, like you were generously salting it.

Put a splash of the vanilla extract into the carafe before you turn the coffee maker on. Again, we don't measure, but I'd guess about a tablespoonful.

You might get by using another brand of cinnamon and vanilla. However, I recommend you only use the Watkins brand.

We didn't set out to be known for our best-in-the-state coffee. Though, we do appreciate the compliments.

If you've never been to AK Secondhand before, you may not understand this post. Well, we usually have the coffee on ? it's serve yourself and it's free. And, people tell us all the time that it is some of the best coffee around. In fact, some folks stop in just to have coffee and chat a bit. (Sometimes we have cookies, too.)

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