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Question: Are the Conex storage containers for sale? Would you rent me one of those containers? Do the refrigeration units in them work? Where did you get them? How much did you pay for them? Do you buy them full of stuff and have them shipped up here? What do you have in all those containers? Can we look in them? Are you sure you don't want to sell them?

The large metal storage containers are not for sale. They are not for rent. We bought them to use and we are using them.

They were not in perfect shape when we bought them and were no longer being used as shipping containters. My guess is that they had refrigeration problems. For our use, it is irrelevant.

No, we don't buy them full of stuff to have shipped up here to Alaska.

We are using one as an annex to our store. When the store is open for business, that one may be open for you to look in.

We bought them from Alaska Container Cache, LLC in Anchorage. I don't know how much they cost these days or what they now have available. They delivered ours, for an extra fee. We have no connection with them, except as customers, so I can't tell you more about what they will or won't do, how much they charge, or what you can buy from them.

About the best I can do is give you the contact information so you can contact them yourself.

Alaska Container Cache, LLC.
1907 Post Road Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone: 907-276-0223

And, yes, I am sure. We are using our Conex style shipping containers. Ours are not for sale.

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