Donations Accepted – Get Rid of Useable Stuff You Don't Want

Yes, we accept donations. If you have usable stuff you no longer want, need, or use, we can take it off your hands for you. Keep your usable items out of the landfill. Recycle by donating them to us.

Help your community. It's an easy way to go green and do a bit of good. Help us keep our prices lower. What could be an easier way to help than by donating things you no longer want?

We can use all sorts of things. Here's a partial list of things we can put to use when you donate them to us: dishes and kitchen items, lawn mowers and chain saws (working or not), pet carriers and pet supplies, hand and power tools, fishing equipment, furniture, kitchen appliances, yard and garden items, jeans, towels, quilts and blankets, pictures, lamps, life jackets and boating accessories, good tires, building supplies, jackets, camping equipment, sweaters and sweatshirts, housewares, cookbooks, paperback books, knick-knacks, jewelry, most anything that is useable.

Get rid of your clutter. Clean out your garage and storage shed. Pack up the things in and around your house that you are tired of having. Get rid of the stuff that accumulates that you have no room for and that you don't even like. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

We may be able to pick up your donations. It depends what you have, how much you have, where you are located, and what all we have going on at the time. Or, just bring your things over to the store, located at Mile 102 on the Sterling Hwy. You can call us at 907-260-6623.

If in doubt, don't throw it out! Bob's a fixer. We can make use of some things that don't work or need repairs, such as lawn mowers, power tools, fishing reels, and chainsaws. We may even be able to use vehicles that you need to get rid of. Before you haul it to the dump, check with us to see if it can use it.