Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(Customers and Browsers)

Question: Do you haggle? Will you take less than the marked price? I'll give you (insert a dollar amount here) for that. How come you won't come down on your prices? Why won't you deal on your prices like they do at garage sales and flea markets?

Answer: We put price tags on most all of our merchandise. We expect to be paid the amount that is on the tag. We could put higher prices on things and then plan to come down, but we don't do that.

We usually don't haggle, deal, or take less than the marked price. That said, we believe in volume discounts so if you buy a lot, we may be able to give you a better deal on something.

If you want a reduced price, you are better off to ask nicely than to make demands or to bad-mouth the merchandise. Being polite and pleasant doesn't guarantee that you'll get something at a discounted price. However, complaining and being rude, will just about guarantee that you won't.

We aim to set our prices fairly and to stick to them. Sometimes we make mistakes or circumstances change. When that happens, we raise or lower the price accordingly.

We are a retail store, in business to make a profit and earn a living. We aren't having a garage sale to get rid of clutter we no longer want. We aren't setting up a flea market booth to get rid of stuff we've cleaned out of the basement. AK Secondhand is a resale store, not a rummage sale.

Shop at our store often. Be a good customer. We may deal a bit and reward your loyalty.

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