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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(from Customers and Browsers)

Question: Where were you yesterday? I came out and you weren't open. I thought I saw you in the yard, though. I know you put the balloons out when you are open, but I live in (insert name of some town) and I want to be sure you are open before I drive out there.

Answer: Well, yesterday may have been my day to clean my house, wash clothes, or pay bills. Just like you, we have ordinary household chores that we need to do.

Or, most likely, we were working behind the scene. We might have been out buying merchandise. Or, busy cleaning, testing, and pricing merchandise. Or, cleaning the store and restocking shelves. Or doing store related book keeping, marketing and promotions, or some other business related task that we can't do when we are open.

It's also possible that we took the day off. We may even have gone on vacation!

We live here, on the same property that store is on. So, yes, it is possible that you saw one of us when you were here yesterday, even though the store was closed.

If you are here and see us in the yard it is okay to stop and talk to us.

If you want to make sure we are open before you drive out, give us a call. The recording on the phone usually says whether or not the store is open. The phone number for AK Secondhand is 907-260-6623.

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