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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Question: Where are the kids' toys? Don't you have cribs, baby beds, high chairs, or other kid's furniture? Do you have baby clothes or children's clothes? Do you have car seats? You aren't very kid friendly.

Answer: Well behaved kids are certainly welcome at AK Secondhand. Many of our customers have wonderful kids who are respectful and mannerly. If yours are, we're glad to see them come along with you into the store.

We expect kids to keep their hands to themselves and not touch things.

We are not overly friendly to children who aren't well behaved. If your kid screams or whines, or otherwise makes a lot of noise, he isn't welcome. If your kid plays with the merchandise or makes a mess of things he isn't welcome. That's just how it is.

We do not have a play area in the store.

We are not a children's store.

We don't sell toys for babies or children. We don't have any cribs, high chairs, baby gates, bassinets, changing tables, or other children's furniture. We don't have baby clothes or children's clothing for sale. We do not have car seats.

Some of our customers have the best behaved children around. We welcome them and are glad to see them come to the store.

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