Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(from Customers and Browsers)

Question: Where do you get all this stuff? Is all of this stuff yours? Do you ever buy stuff? I should have a garage sale, but it's too much work -- would you just buy everything from me? I just had a garage sale -- will you buy the stuff that's leftover? Do you take donations? I have some stuff I don't want anymore, but it is too good to take to the dump -- can I bring it over here? Do you make all this Watkins stuff and put your name on it?

Answer: We get our merchandise from a variety of places. We are always on the lookout for things we can sell.

All of merchandise is ours. We do not take consignments.

Yes, we buy new and used merchandise for resale. We might buy things at auctions, garage sales, or estate sales. We may buy from wholesale outlets, liquidators, or closeout sales. We buy from families who are downsizing, consolidating households, or moving out of state.

You are right that garage sales are a lot of work. We do sometimes buy large lots of merchandise. Whether or not we would buy everything you have to sell depends on what you have, how much you want for it, where it is located, and other factors. We'd have to look at it before we could tell you if we'd buy it or not.

We seldom buy garage sale leftovers. If people have picked through it all weekend, they've probably already bought the best stuff. If it didn't sell at your yard sale, why not? If it rained and it got wet, it is probably ruined. If it is priced to high for garage sale goers, it is probably priced too high for us to buy.

We do accept donations. We greatly appreciate donations of merchandise that is in saleable condition. It helps us to keep our prices low. If you have rummage sales items leftover that you think are too good to take to the landfill, and you want to box them up and give them to us, that is usually fine. We also accept some large items: good tires, furniture, working washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and other large appliances.

We are independent distributors for Watkins brand products. We do not make it. Our name isn't Watkins. We buy it from the J.R. Watkins company in Winona, Minnesota.

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