Penn Formula 15KG Fishing Reel

From Robert, a Frugal Fisherman
(A Two-Speed, Deep Water Reel with Spectra Line)

Barely Used Penn Formula 15KG Fishing Reel

Barely Used Penn Formula 15KG Fishing Reel

A Penn Formula 15KG fishing reel, with line on it, is my best find. I found this nearly new, two-speed, deep water reel with a full spool of 130# test spectra line.

I got my Penn Formula 15KG fishing reel at a garage sale. The man having the sale was leaving the state and didn't think he would ever use it where he was moving to.

The guy said he used it twice. From the looks of it, I'm not sure he did. He may have been embarrassed to admit he spent all that money on a reel he never used.

I was happy to give him what he was asking. I gave him less than the price of the fishing line on the reel.

My new-to-me Penn Formula 15KG Fishing Reel works great. I would never be able to afford a reel this nice if I had to buy one new. I've caught a lot of fish with it and will hopefully catch a lot more.

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