Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(from Customers and Browsers)

Question: How do you set your prices? The prices at (insert name of some other store) are higher (or lower) than yours – why? Do you look up the prices on eBay? You could sell this for lots more on eBay or Craigslist – why don't you put it on there? You have two of these and they are priced differently – why is that?

Answer: There are many factors that go into pricing merchandise. It depends on supply and demand. It also depends on the quality of the item. Pricing secondhand items isn't an exact science.

We try to keep our prices reasonable. We want to price things low enough so customers get a good deal and come back to buy more. We need to price them high enough so we can stay in business.

We don't compare our prices to those of other second hand stores, pawn shops, or thrift shops in the area. We price our things according to what we believe is fair and reasonable. They price their things as they see fit, and that may be more or less than we charge.

I sometimes do check prices on eBay or other websites. We have books that list the values of antiques and collectibles. We also sometimes check to see what the items sell for new in local stores. I do look at prices in catalogs and store flyers. Those prices may influence how we price things, but price comparisons are only one factor.

Yes, we could sell things for higher prices on eBay, Craigslist, or some other online site. However, selling on those sites is a different kind of business model than having a retail store.

Some of our customers do buy things from us and then turn around and sell them on those websites for a profit -- and we are glad that they do. Similarly, we also sell things to people who run antique shops, trading posts, and other resale shops. Some folks even resell things they buy from us at garage sales and flea markets. We have no problem with you buying from us and reselling it at a higher price.

Prices vary from item to item and from day to day. Some things look alike but differ in quality or condition. When prices change, we don't necessarily go through the store and put new tags on merchandise that is already marked. It could also be one of the other pricing factors came into play.

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