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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(from Customers and Browsers)

Question: Punch card -- what's that? How do they work? Is that like the big stores Loyalty Cards? Do I have to fill out a form to get one? How much do I need to buy to get my card punched? How many punches does it take to get a free gift? What do I get when my card is full?

Answer: We have punch cards to reward our customers for their support. We appreciate the repeat business and offer a gift after you've purchased a certain amount.

Bring your AK Secondhand punch card with you each time you come to the store. You'll get punches that correspond to the amount of your purchase. When your card is full, you get to trade it in for something in our gift basket.

Our cards are not like the big store loyalty cards. You don't need to register or fill out any forms to get one. You don't need one to get the best prices on store merchandise. We don't keep track of what you buy.

You get a punch for every $5.00 that you spend with us. When you have ten punches, you get to choose a gift. The selection of gifts varies, but they are usually Watkins products.

The punch cards are our way of saying, "Thanks," for making a larger purchase or for being a repeat customer.

The cards also have our phone number, email address, and website address on them, to make it easier for you to contact us.

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