Store Background

Question: How long have you had this store? Was it a second hand store before you bought it? Are you the same people who owned this store several years ago? Did you used to own the sawmill that was here? Are you the old Treasure Cache? Are you Rick's? Are you in Soldotna or Kasilof?

Answer: There's a lot of interest in our store background and the history of the property.

We're Bob and Coleen, the original owners of the AK Secondhand store. We've been here since day one, when it first opened for business. As far as I know, there has never been another second hand store on the property.

It was pretty much a vacant lot when we bought it. The sawmill wasn't ours and was gone before we got here. The previous owners did leave a partially finished building here and that is the building we've turned into the store.

The Treasure Cache closed before we moved to the area. It was kiddy-corner across the street. That building now houses TJ Seggy's Tesoro and liquor store. I understand the Treasure Cache was a gift store with some used merchandise, but I was never there so can't say for sure.

We are not affiliated with Rick's Second Hand. Rick's is the second hand store on the Spur Hwy. We are located on the Sterling Hwy, on the opposite end of Soldotna from Rick's.

We have a Soldotna address. Some folks say this is Kasilof. I don't know where the official boundary between the two lies. We are definitely part of the Kasilof community.

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