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(Our Best Score - Second Hand Table and Benches)

One of Our Best Deals - Second Hand Table and Seating

One of Our Best Deals - Second Hand Table and Seating

One of my best second hand deals was a dining room table. I finally found it at a Salvation Army Thrift Store. It was perfect for our needs and the dark finish matched our other furniture.

A glass-top dining room table that I had loved broke during a move. We’re a young family, so at the time of moving out of our first apartment, our furniture was a mix of new and hand-me-down items. One of the few things I had bought new was that table. I was totally devastated to lose the table and worse, with the security deposit on our new apartment and the expenses of moving, we didn’t have anything in the budget to replace the table.

We figured out what we wanted in a dining table - sturdy this time, small enough to fit in our limited dining room space but with the option to seat at least six if possible, nothing too beat up. It was a lot to ask. Especially since our budget was VERY low, under $100, and we needed it pretty much ASAP because we didn’t want our elementary aged daughter to get used to eating in the living room. I stuffed the cash in my pocket and went hunting on a Saturday morning.

I visited the biggest local flea market, Big M, in Middletown, PA, which was about 45 minutes from where we lived. The Amish built stuff at the inside furniture store was out of budget and the outside vendors didn’t have anything that interested me. On the way back, I browsed a few yard sales and stopped at TWO different

Goodwill Stores. I was tired and feeling pretty defeated when I got home with no dining room talbe.

Being not quite a real grown up, I called my mom to ask for suggestions. She asked if I had tried the big Salvation Army Thrift Store 45 minutes from my home in the opposite direction from the Big M.

Reluctantly, I got in my car and drove over. I was pretty cranky when I walked in and was expecting another disappointment. When I got to the furniture section, I fell in love immediately and my bad mood evaporated.

It was a used dining table with an L-shaped bench seat to fit in the corner, a detached table, and an extra bench. It could seat five easily if none of them were too large and six with the addition of a folding chair to the open end.

Since I was mostly concerned about seating my daughter and her friends, there would be plenty of room for them while still not taking up too much space in our dining area. As an added bonus, the bench seats flipped up to provide some storage.

The price was even under budget at only $75.

It proved to be a headache to get it home. We had to dismantle the table in the store, while the disapproving manager frowned at us, to get it in our van.

Once we had it home and put back together, we added a few personalizing touches. It was well worth the trouble of finding it and the difficulty getting it home. That second hand dining table served us well for five years.

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