Turquoise Ring and Bracelet

Deborah Thompson Shares another Special Find
(Matching Jewlery Set Made of Turquoise and Silver)

Turquoise Ring and Bracelet

Turquoise Ring and Bracelet

A turquoise ring and bracelet set -- exactly what my husband had been searching for. Aaron had been looking for just the right piece of turquoise jewelry for years.

There sat the most perfect turquoise bracelet either of us had set eyes on. The owner, Charoltt of Charlott's Antiques, was so sweet and pulled it out of the case for us.

As soon as it was on his wrist, I knew it had to be his. He turned his wrist this way and that to see how it looked on his arm. He hemmed and hawed about whether he should get it because it was so expensive. Charlott told us we could put the bracelet on lay-a-way.

While I was trying to convince him that was a great plan, I spotted a turquoise ring halfway buried under some necklaces. Charlott pulled the ring our for us too. It looked like it had been made as a set to go with the bracelet.

They looked stunning together. That settled it. I told Aaron he was getting both of them. It was a lot of money for us, but he had been looking for a special piece of jewelry for years. I wasn't about to walk away from two pieces that he absolutely loved.

When it comes to finding something fun to do in a new city, Aaron and I always gravitate to the antique, thrift, and second hand stores. Throw in a good flea market on the weekends and we're in heaven. Where else can you find such cool stuff for such a good price?

When we moved to the outskirts of San Antonio for work, we were so excited about all the stores that came up on our Google search. Plans were hatched, water was packed, comfy walking shoes were put on, and we were on our way.

Some of the stores listed weren't in business anymore, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. But it's always fun anyway because we're getting to do a lot of sight seeing on the way.

Then, we have those days where we walk into a shop and find something that we've been looking for forever. Those days are the ones we don't forget.

On one of our visits into town

we finished our business earlier than expected, so what else would we do for the remainder of the day -- other than visit a few antique stores? The first shop was out of business. The second one only took about 10 minutes to go through; they had some nice things, but it was very small.

The next shop was Charlott's Antiques. It's there we found the gorgeous turquoise and silver ring and bracelet that was just what we were looking for.

We like the shops that have rows and rows of goodies to look at. Aaron is most happy when they have what we call "the smalls" cases. They hold things like watches, razors, and pens, all the things he collects. And jewelry!

Since we don't want to miss a single case or display, we always have the same plan of attack. When we first enter the building we always turn to the right down the outside row. Once we've seen everything on the outside, we zigzag up and down the center aisles.

We kept to our normal plan and saw a lot of really great things. They had a lot of displays with dishes, an entire section of grandfather clocks, and some very unique items throughout.

Just before we left, we decided to look into the jewelry display at the checkout desk. And that's when he saw it.

Even though we didn't walk out of the shop with them, Aaron was smiling like a Cheshire cat for the rest of the day. It took a little bit to get that ring and bracelet paid off, but it made the whole experience all the more worth it.

He wears the ring every day. He can't wear the bracelet to work, because it could get caught on something and hurt him. But he does wear it everywhere else we go. He always gets lots of comments on his turquoise ring and bracelet set.

So, the moral of the story is don't give up on that special item you just have to have. If you see it, make a way to get it. Life is too short to miss out on the small joys in life. I'm so happy Aaron is no longer missing out on this turquoise ring and bracelet!

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