Used Mountain Bikes

From a Happy Flea Market Shopper
(Scored Two Bikes at Pecan Park Flea Market)

Used Mountain Bike from Pecan Park Flea Market

Used Mountain Bike from Pecan Park Flea Market

We scored used mountain bikes from the Pecan Park Flea Market. Not one, but two! I found a few other things the first time I went there, but the mountain bikes were the big hit.

Bicycles were on my list. We downsized a massive amount when we emptied out our stick and bricks home to live full-time in an RV. In our zeal to save space, we had gotten rid of a few things that I wanted back, except that they were a few hundred miles away. I had a list of things I needed to replace.

While flea markets don’t always have exactly what I am looking for at a particular time, they still have interesting things to see. For non-urgent items, wandering a few different flea markets, thrift stores, or yard sales can usually find me what I want for a lower price than the stores -- if I’m patient enough.

None of the items were urgent, but I had a list when I went to Pecan Park Flea Market for the first time. It was in a rural area, but just off of an I-95 exit and flanked by an RV park that shared the same name. The karaoke bar on the property was a surprise, as was the paintball shooting area tucked into the back corner. I was delighted to see the huge alligators lounging by the pond. Luckily, there was also plenty of parking. The building itself was M-shaped with stalls inside for long-term vendors and single-day stalls set up outside at the open ends of the M.

The first long aisles only yielded a homemade cupcake and a burning desire to take home one of the adorable puppies. A puppy was NOT on my list. The rest of the aisle held fishing gear, also not on my list, and stalls selling cheaply made used goods.

The second aisle yielded a food court with something more substantial than a cupcake to eat. There was also a leather store and an electronics store -- both were interesting for another visit later, but not what I was looking for that day. There were more of the same cheap, new goods

shipped in from somewhere. It had another pet store, this one selling exotics - hermit crabs, bunnies, goats, micro-pigs, hedgehogs, and an assortment of less recognizable other things.

In the third aisle, I found local raw honey. My first jackpot of the day! Raw honey is great for my allergies and pretty much impossible to get at a grocery store because it’s not just the raw part that’s important. It has to be local, made by bees using the pollen I’m having trouble with.

I picked up a couple of used paperback books, too. I can never resist browsing the book sellers.

I finally found one household item from my list, a clean looking and functional glass blender for only $5.

It was an interesting trip. But, I was feeling somewhat let-down not to have found more items on my list. Until I got to the outside temporary stalls....

In one of them, tucked in the back, were two 26 inch men’s mountain bikes.

We had never really used our bikes at home and didn’t bring them along. That was a mistake I regretted pretty quickly after getting down here and finding both bike lanes on the road and plenty of extra free time to explore slowly.

These mountain bikes were the 90s bikes from when I was a kid -- indestructible steel frame, 15 speeds. The tires had enough grip to handle trails, but not so much that riding on a road was too difficult.

I wanted them instantly! Even when I saw that the brakes were very worn, I wanted them. The vendor started out at $40 per bike, but eventually, he sold me both bikes and a hitch mounted bike rack that would fit on our 5th wheel for $50. You can’t get one bike for that at a store and they don’t build them as strongly now as they used to.

A few more dollars at the big-box store on the way home, and 30-minutes of tinkering at the campsite, and the used mountain bikes were ready to ride so we could embark on our first bike riding adventure.

Pecan Park Flea Market is one exit north of Jacksonville, Florida.

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